Step 4 - 1 When the Gas is High

On the Ethereum blockchain, gas is the transaction fee for the miner to pick your transaction and record on the blockchain. The gas price will fluctuate and will make a transaction with contract expensive due to the large bits of data. This guide will show you show to lower the gas fee on Metamask.

Step 4 - 1 Click Edit

Step 4 - 2 Click Advance

Step 4 - 3 Find the lowest gas rate

Find the lowest gas rate here 🔗. *When the Gwei is lowered the confirmation time will be longer and if there are more people willing to pay a higher fee your transaction might not be executed.

Step 4 - 4 Entering the lowest gas rate and save

Now back to the detail page you should see the Gas Price is lowered. When the gas price is too high you can choose to stake in a different time to cut the cost of transaction.

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