Create a validator

Create validator wallet

To create a validator from a wallet, use the lighthouse account validator create

$lighthouse --testnet medalla account validator create --wallet-password neunode.pass --count 1

This command will create one validator node address from the passphrase generated from the creation of the Create your own wallet step.

If you were to create more validator nodes modify the last part of the command --count 1 to the number that you wish to create.

After the command you would get your own address. The address would look like this.0x849c12ff9d51db4ea880aa6e8d55aee554e262bdd82e29fc2d09d47386b1e0a5bcf13b4322f1d8013bfd0ab48c65ed7c

Step 1-2

Find the file for Neunode NaaS service. These data will not grant us access to withdrawal the fund but to allow Neunode service to stake your ETH properly and connect to the staking contract.


  • The public key of the validator

  • An encrypted copy of the private key for the validator


Replace your-address-here to your own address and send us the messages afterward.

$cat ~/.lighthouse/medalla/validators/your-address-here/voting-keystore.json
$cat ~/.lighthouse/medalla/secrets/your-address-here

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