Getting Started Complicated Method

Before creating your own ETH2.0 Wallet you would need to install some software.

1. Rust

Step 1: Check if you already have rust installed on your hardware. If you do please go to step 2, if not go to step 1-2.

$rustc --version

Step 1-2:

$curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

After the installation run Step 1 again to confirm and go to Step 2 when Step 1 is completed. Or follow the official Rust website @Rust.

2. Lighthouse Client

There are 3 parts to Step 2. *Lighthouse builds on Linux, macOS, and Windows (via WSL only).

Step 2-1: Download Lighthouse Client

$git clone

Step 2-2: Go to the directory of the Lighthouse Client.

$cd lighthouse

Step 2-3: Use Rust to install Lighthouse Client. *Note: This step may take 30+ minutes.


Finally check if the installation is done.

$lighthouse --help

Official website @Lighthouse.

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